Chocolate: an innovative delicacy

21 May 2019



Doors open 30min before

Café Koepuur

Coupure Links 651,
9000 Gent




Do you love chocolate? If yes, then you should come to taste the secrets of chocolate manufacturing; if no (really??), you should also come because you will see how 3D printing is applied in chocolate production. After this chocolate innovation night, you will never look at chocolate in the same way (less guilt and envy, more satisfaction to have learnt something).

Maximizing the flavor of ‘bulk’ cocoa and chocolates

Michael Hinneh

PhD researcher

What can you do to change the flavor of chocolate with the same cocoa? Michael's research presents how the post-storage could improve the sensorial properties of ""bulk"" cocoa and chocolate. The zero-cost, on-farm practice of post-storage approach can also contribute to a more sustainable cocoa and chocolate production. Let's see if you can taste the difference!

Ghent University

Chocolate 3D printing

Nathaniel James Hendrik

PhD researcher

3D printing chocolate? As interesting as it sounds, is not as simple as making a conventinal chocolate bar. 3D printing plays a huge role in manufacturing products as a part of Industry 4.0. This technology has just recently been explored in the food sector, of course including in confectionery areas. Nathaniel will guid you through the fanbulous 3D printing chocolate world and maybe one day you will be able to eat fresh 3D printing chocolate whenever you want!

Ghent University

The undercover science: bidding for your chocolates in auctions

Christine Yung Hung

PostDoc Lecturer and Researcher

The newly developed chocolates are amazing, now all you need to do is to help set the right price. Experimental auction is one of economists’ favourites for problem solving. You will be invited to participate in a chocolate auction, which is not hypothetical nor just a game, your feelings and bids will tell us the right price. You will discover the undercover science of experimental economics, take part in it and get to know why, how and what it does in real life.

Ghent University

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