Our body, from brain to guts

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9 September 2020




Live from our Facebook and YouTube pages




Good Sleep, Healthy Aging

Daphne Chylinski

PhD student

Most people in the world probably know little to nothing about the third of their life they spend asleep. I will try to fix this by giving you a general overview of the mechanisms that regulate sleep, explaining why sleep is important, and how it changes throughout life. I'll throw in a few interesting anecdotes to try and not bore you... to sleep!

Université de Liège

Get to know the bacteria in your guts

Sebastian Proost

Senior postdoc

Life is complex! Recent improvements in technology allow us to get an overview of what is happening at different levels. We can check which genes are active in different tissues, which chemical compounds are being produced, which proteins interact, which bacteria are present in a sample, ... and while this wealth of options to collect data is phenomenal, it also poses huge problems for the subsequent analysis and interpretation. Fortunately, modern web technologies allow large amounts of data to be linked to user friendly interfaces that can be used with a few simple mouse clicks. Here we'll demonstrate some of these concepts in action!

VIB - KU Leuven

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