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14 February 2019




Rue Vanderkindere 293,
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For this Valentine’s day, why not skip the solo Netflix night you had planned or the awkward date with your +1 whose surname you have trouble remembering, and join our Science Speed Dating instead? Take the traditional speed dating concept, but instead of lonely hearts trying to seduce you with “stories” about their career and their supposedly rare use of dating apps, you get local researchers trying to excite you with science and behind the scene stories about what it means to be a scientist!

To swap or not to swap’: A neuroscience and psychological approach of Tinder

Emilie Caspar

Scientific Collaborator

Before jumping right into the fun, we feel you could use something to warm up and stretch your neurons, so we will start the evening with a talk on “‘To swap or not to swap’: A neuroscience and psychological approach of Tinder”, by Pint of Science veteran Emilie Caspar, PhD at ULB. She will tell us about the science behind what makes a profile picture attractive to others.

Research Centre of Cognition and Neurosciences (CRNC), ULB

Science Speed Dating

All in 5 minutes, before moving on to the next table! It's also the perfect moment for you to ask all your burning questions... Do neuroscientists actually grow “mini-brains”? Is alcohol killing your brain cells? Do astronomers sometimes dissect animals? Spoiler alert: answers are yes, no, and probably.And finally, because sometimes improving a profile picture is not enough to look fabulous, there will be Pint of Science Belgium t-shirts to win!

Our dream team of scientists will do its best to make you guess what their field of research is and, of course, to make you fall in love with it...

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