What makes a human brain?

20 May 2019



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Did you ever ask yourself one of these questions? What makes the human brain so complex and unique? How does the brain's immune system develop? We provide you with top leaders in the field of developmental neuroscience to answer all your questions and more.

What makes us human ?

Pierre Vanderhaeghen

Principal Investigator, ERC Grantee, Welbio grantee

Or, at least, what makes our brain unique, even compared to our primate relatives? To try to address this question, we will go back to the very beginning, and we will dive into the fascinating process of the human brain development because it is at the roots of human brain evolution! And as our brain is still keeping a lot of secrets, we will also put ourselves into researchers shoes and see how they try to tackle this difficult question, using very diverse technologies, from human genomics to stem cell biology to neural circuit studies.

VIB- KU Leuven & Université Libre de Bruxelles

A little army in a transparent brain

Valérie Wittamer

Principal Investigator, FNRS Research Associate & WELBIO investigator

Come learn how a transparent small fish can help us discover the secrets of the brain’s immune system. The main form of defence of our brain against any infectious agent or deterioration of nervous cells is ensured by one type of cell, the microglia. They are the small warriors keeping the castle safe and sane.

IRIBHM - Université Libre de Bruxelles

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