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Making an impact. How can scientists shape society

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10 May 2022




21:00 (more or less) 

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Marcel Bike Café

Avenue Albert 7, 1190 Forest





Doors open at 19:00, so don't hesitate to come a bit earlier to get a nice seat.


Bridging Science and Society through Leadership

Allisha Ali


Allisha Ali Coaching and Mentoring

Like beauty, leadership cannot be defined; it’s in the eyes of the beholder!
The pandemic has demonstrated in many countries how politicians took the frontline in communicating science while the scientists worked hard to fight the virus itself. But what if the Scientists took the lead and communicated the data directly to society? Are they even interested in taking the lead? What might be stopping Scientists in exercising Leadership towards Society? In this talk, we’ll explore together what Leadership traits, skills and strengths Scientists might need to better Bridge Science and Society

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The impact of diversity on research

Prashant Kadam

Postdoctoral researcher

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Male fertility keeps declining worldwide. We hardly know anything about it compared to female fertility, and we speak about it even less. And yet, when it comes to difficulties conceiving, women often get the blame. Fortunately, things are changing in the right direction. Scientists from different fields are finally teaming up to understand why male fertility is declining and how this is changing our society. With my experience in male (in)fertility research, we will explore all the multi-disciplinary elements of this story and try to peek at what awaits us in the future. Are you curious? Then join me for an exciting Pint of Science session!

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