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Shaping the city of tomorrow

Doors open 19:00, event starts 19:30 | Read COVID-related informations below

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10 September 2020



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La Tricoterie

Rue Théodore Verhaegen 158
1060 Bruxelles, Belgium






Organised in collaboration with Innoviris, the TRANSFORM project and BE Participation, and in the presence of Barbara Trachte, Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for Economic Transition and Scientific Research, the event will take you through the latest research on how cities can adapt to environmental and socioeconomic challenges while at the same time working better for and with citizens. In the second part of the event will be an interactive session where you will be able to share your ideas on how to make our beautiful city greener as part of a EU wide public consultation. See you there!

Prosperous, sustainable, inclusive: meet the "smart" city

Pirita Lindholm


With 85% of Europeans expected to live in urban areas by 2050, cities can play a key role in the fight against climate change by transitioning towards climate neutrality. But how to achieve enough critical mass to make an impact? And where do we, citizens, fit in the picture? Europe is on a mission (literally, you'll see) to take on the challenge and Pirita Lindholm will tell you all about it.

Spaceship Landing on Earth

European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN)

Re-thinking local governance in Brussels

Philippe Mertens


A city working "for" its citizens is good, right? Well, there might be a better formula. As part of a regional research project, Philippe Mertens and his colleagues have been looking into how the collaboration between local citizen initiatives and public authorities can lead to better governance and policy-making, especially on social and environmental issues . A city that works "with" its citizens, not just "for" them.

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Co‑creating sustainable urban futures

Marzia Mazzonetto

Deputy Coordinator

Would you like to be consulted on a greener future for your city? Are you eager to have your say as part of a citizen engagement process on one of the most significant challenges faced by our planet? Marzia will pitch some practical & inspirational examples of co-creating innovative solutions through the engagement of a multitude of actors, including citizens

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SPEAK UP! How to make your city greener?

Michael Creek


Should we ban cars from the center of the city? Should we plant more trees to keep cool in summer? Should we simply paint everything green and be done with it? In this interactive session you will join the thousands of Europeans who already took part in the EU wide public consultation on how to make cities greener. If you think public consultations are boring, event host Michael Creek will prove your wrong and show you that yes, you can make a difference while sipping a drink in a bar among friends. Your feedback will be collected by Innoviris and added to the results from other countries.

Spaceship Landing on Earth
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