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Guillaume Corradino


Passionate about space and green technologies, my day job is to support and promote European research. After more than 10 years living in Belgium I have lost faith in meteorology but I am very excited to help put some science in Belgian pints!

Ivan, Dunsmore

Motion Graphic Designer

I am fascinated about everything related to visuals. Also, I constantly ask myself fundamental questions about existence and the universe. Well, and what's not to like about beer?

Céline Ballieux


Photographer, hiker and passionate about space, I selfishly want everyone to look up and be as amazed as I am! For that, I'm willing to jump into my communicator's boots and spread the word in all the pubs of Belgium.

Céline de Valeriola

Graphic design

As a graphic designer, my graphic style and what inspires me is the universe of geometric shapes, lines, textures and other things. What's better than the world of science to inspire me!


Community Manager

I spend about 12h per day looking for food but during my free time, I'm very curious about science (especially natural science and biology). I love being a community manager for Pint of Science because I can do it directly from my couch!

Céline Husson


Working as a book publisher and a science journalist, I spend my spare time in science books and biology drawings. I love trying to understand new topics, and sharing them to others who also love sciences. Especially around a pint of beer !

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