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Asteroid Day 2021

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1 July 2021




21:00 (more or less) 

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Pint of Science celebrates Asteroid Day! What is Asteroid Day, you ask? It's a worldwide initiative to inspire and raise awareness about asteroids, including: their role in the formation of our universe, how we can use their resources, and how asteroids can pave the way for future exploration and finally how we can protect our planet from asteroid impacts. The United Nations declared 30th June as Asteroid Day to commemorate the anniversary of the Tunguska asteroid impact over Siberia, Russia, on the 30th June 1908. Here at Pint of Science, we will celebrate Asteroid Day on 1st of July, so head over to our YouTube page and save the date!

Main speaker

Alex Karl

Space engineer, Chair of the IAF's Technical Committee on NEOs

Space Applications Services

Remember the Armageddon movie? Good, now forget about the Armageddon movie and rather hear it from a professional. Alex Karl will tell you all about asteroids: what they are, what they can do and more importantly, how scientists are dealing with them. Yes, there are people actually working on planetary defense (including Queen guitarist Brian May by the way. Google it) so that we don't end up like dinosaurs.

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Lenka Zychova

Space Weather Scientist

Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

During our last festival, Lenka delivered a great talk on the different ways the universe can kill us. If you missed it, we forgive you, as long as you check it out here:

Lenka will join us to co-host this event and share her insight on those rocks that might fall on our heads.

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