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Distilled fun and viral colors - SciArt

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20 May 2019




21:00 (more or less) 

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Muntpunt Grand Café

Rue Léopold 2, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique






Science can be so much more than just late nights in the lab and long hours writing up your results. And scientists are anything but boring - to kick-off
the festival we have three very creative people who will take you on a fun and educational trip through science and art.

The Chameleon Effect

Ben Hartwig

Dr. rer. nat.

Neuroblitz - Science, Communication, Improvisation

"If you want to do this all you life, you have to love it," she said behind close doors when we sat down in her office in Shanghai. She was a scientist and I was a scientist, but unlike her, I was on a journey. She was one of numerous scientists, artists and actors that I have interviewed. I wanted to know, what to do with my life. Today I combine improvised comedy, applied improvisation and science in a unique mix of learning entertainment. This presentation is half talk, half show and full of joy.

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Utterly infectious Scientific Comics!

Susan Nasif

Virologist, Founder and Artist


Susan is a scientist. She is also science communicator and educator. She draws comic books where the main characters are viruses and theirs hosts, sometimes the skeptics and curious ones. The event is a blast to attend, the art is eye-popping, and the information is top-notch. Not going to leak more secrets, or mess up with viral gang!

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Singing it out - Where have all the larvae gone, long time drifting?

Marc Kochzius

Professor of Marine Biology

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Marine biology conservation is no joke, but a serious and responsible research field. Earth is an ocean planet. The ocean is teeming with life. How does life disperse in the ocean? - Larvae. Where all these tiny little larvae are coming from and where they are going? Let me take you on a journey through the deep blue sea. But don't be mistaken - this is not going to be a usual talk - we are going to do it the only right way to speak of the sea - with song!

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