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Draw me like one of your scientist pals!

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13 May 2024




21:00 (more or less) 

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Café Boekowski

Bolivarplaats 4, 2000 Antwerpen






Dig into the science behind painting at this new Pint of Science Edition in Café Boekowski. Our two scientists Ermanno and Andrea will introduce you to the world behind the paintings at their molecular level. Join us to discover how physics and chemistry can help to preserve and restore arts.

Investigate the past, understand the present and preserve the future harnessing spinning electrons.

Ermanno Avranovich Clerici

PhD student

University of Antwerp

Imagine having such a wonderful magnifying glass that not only enlarges objects more than anyone could imagine but can also allow you to observe the smallest grain shape in a stone or even the minutest difference when looking at individual atoms of the same species. Now what to do with this incredible superpower? We decided to use this to explore the practices and techniques of famous painters who left us astonishing masterpieces with the final aim of preserving them for eternity and beyond.

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The colours of science: exploring the material connections between art and solar technology.

Andrea Marchetti

Assistant Professor

University of Antwerp

What do a solar cell and a Van Gogh masterpiece have in common? On a macroscopic scale, not much. However, if we were to zoom into these objects down to a molecular level, the differences would start to fade until we will not be able to tell them apart anymore.
Join me in this dive into the chemistry of pigments to discover the surprising parallels between paintings and cutting-edge solar technology.

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