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Fly High: Soaring Through the Science of Birds

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23 May 2023




21:00 (more or less) 

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Dr Beer

Adriaan Brouwerstraat 31,
2000 Antwerpen






Join us for a captivating evening delving into the world of birds. Our event will highlight the latest research performed by researcher from the university of Antwerp on two differents aspect. What can we learn from bird behaviour and how our actions can impact them. Whether you're a bird enthusiast or simply curious about the natural world, this event is sure to be a treat for anyone interested in science, nature, and birds.

If you were a gull, would you rather eat fish or chips?

Mélibée Morel

PhD student

University of Antwerp- Biology department

Have you been surprised by seeing gulls eat waffles in the street while others follow fishing boats at sea or eat in fields behind tractors? You were maybe observing the Lesser black-backed gull, a long-lived-migratory bird! Some individuals will always do the same thing or go to the same place (specialists), while others may keep all possibilities and explore different habitats (generalists). You wonder: Why so much variation? How do foraging strategies develop? What is the link with personality? What would happen if some resources were not accessible anymore due to global changes? Come to the talk to know who will be the winners or losers.

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Tweaking and Tweeting: Uncovering the Secrets of Learning and Love Songs

Christien Bowman

PhD Researcher

University of Antwerp – Bio Imaging Lab

What do you get if you mix birds and a MRI scanner? If you thought this was the opening line of a joke, I forgive you, but these are the foundational blocks of my PhD.
I work with birds called zebra finches - you may have even seen some yourself at the Vogelmarkt in Antwerp or in a pet shop. The way these birds learn song is a surprising source of insights into how learning works. Not only this, they may even help to understand autism.

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