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Insects and Insights: Navigating the Future of Food and Drink

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13 May 2024




21:00 (more or less) 

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Café Moeskop

Dageraadplaats 17, 2018 Antwerpen

Not wheelchair accessible






Join us for a riveting Pint of Science in Moeskop Cafe that delves into the intriguing intersection of dietary innovation and the subtle stories told by our beverages. As we stand at the cusp of a culinary revolution, "Insects and Insights" promises to take you on a journey through the latest in sustainable eating and the science behind what our drinking habits reveal about us and our society.

Are edible insects safe?

Alicia Macan Schonleben

PhD Candidate

University of Antwerp

Edible insects are a trendy topic right now. That’s because the EU has recently opened the door to insect products being sold in European stores. But is it actually safe to eat insects?
You’ll find out in my PoS talk! In our group we focus on the presence of hazardous chemicals in the environment. One of the things we investigate is the contamination of food – including edible insects – with those chemicals. So if you want to learn more about food safety and environmental contaminants or if you´re just really curious about insects, then join us for this tasty treat!

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Toasts and traces: a journey through forensic alcohol analysis

Catalina Dumitrascu & Tim Boogaerts

Phd Student & PhD Researcher

University of Antwerp – Toxicological Centres

What you drink doesn’t just disappear – it flows through your body and ends up in your blood, urine and even hair. Specific alcohol markers in these specimen unveil the truth of your drinking behaviour. Not only what you drank yesterday, but also what you consumed a few months ago. While the samples from our body act as a mirror of ourselves, wastewater can act as a reflection of our society. By analysing wastewater, you can in one move collect information on the entire population. We will guide you through the world of alcohol analysis and we will raise a glass to better understanding of our drinking habits. Cheers!

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