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Inspiring science: from random motion to sniffer planes

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11 May 2022




21:00 (more or less) 

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Marcel Bike Café

Avenue Albert 7, 1190 Forest





Doors open at 19:00, please don't hesitate to come a bit earlier to get a nice seat.


Tonight's event will take you on a journey from the theory of randomness to the innovative technologies helping fight air pollution above the North Sea. Buckle up for this very special event!

Tackling air pollution with sniffer planes above the North Sea

Ward Van Roy

Aerial Surveillance Operator

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

What if you could just fly above the North Sea to measure shipping-related air pollution, and even identify ships in breach of environmental regulations? Well, you can, and Ward Van Roy will tell you all about it in this talk!

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Let's take a "random walk" !

Pierre de Buyl


Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

If you toss a coin to decide whether to move backwards or forward and repeat, can you predict where you will end up? This question lies at the basis of random walks, the mathematics of how one can move by constantly choosing the next step at random. While this idea sounds a bit far from physics (and reality), it finds its origin in the microscopic observation of how grains of pollen move by Robert Brown. The concept of Brownian motion entered the toolbox of scientists in many fields and is now used in finance as well as in molecular biology. So, join me in this journey to discover how much of where we are going is just a “random walk”.

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