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Nature - the ultimate designer

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21 May 2019



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Muntpunt Grand Café

Rue Léopold 2, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique






How does neuroscience inspire artists? How do artists, designers and product developers collaborate with scientists to create mesmerizing and thought-provoking art installations which not only make our every-day life better, but also entertain and educate? In this event, we will hear about the two-way inspirational avenue between artists and scientists.

The Web of Memories: an encounter between art and science (Part 1)

Marco Coratolo

PhD Candidate, Neuroscience

Recent research in neuroscience suggests that memories are network-like structures. What we consciously remember is only the tip of the iceberg of this intricate biological mechanism. Marco Coratolo, from Liège University, will take us on a journey through the mechanisms of the mind, up to where science meets art.

Spaceship Landing on Earth

Université de Liège

The Web of Memories: an encounter between art and science (Part 2)

Athanasia Vidali Soula

Visual Artist

From this insight, Athanasia Vidali creates a work that reflects on the process of memory. Delicate ramifications, similar in a way to neural junctures, form a labyrinth of paper layers, born through a laborious process of material removal. The result, with its semi-transparency, reveals while concealing what lies behind, inducing thus a suggestive comment on the formation of remembrance.

Nele Vandersickel.jpg

Université de Liège

The long life of trees: Bioinspired fabrication for human health and wellbeing

Pedro Fardim

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Trees can live hundreds or even thousands of years. They are able to endure and survive the most hostile conditions using a very sophisticated system of defense and stimuli-responsive interaction with their environments. Trees are an inspiring source for creation of both art and new technologies for human health and wellbeing. Prof. Fardim will take us to a journey of biofabrication of materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other relevant products for everyday life.

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KU Leuven

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