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The sound (and images) of science

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22 May 2019




21:00 (more or less) 

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Quai aux Briques 74
1000 Bruxelles

Wheelchair accessible






Our senses are what make our lives interesting. How can sound and video be used to bring out the fascinating results of young scientists in a novel way? How can scientific story-telling give us hope for the influence of media and show us the human side of science and positive stories among the general media "doom and gloom reporting"? How can we use touch and the sense of aesthetics to get people curious about science? This event is going to be all about this - how can we relate to science with all our senses.

‘Expressionism’ in science communication

Yongmei Gong

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Department of Geography, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The art movement expressionism is associated with presenting the world from a solely subjective perspective. Expressionists have mastered various ways of quickly distributing their work to a larger audience and as a means of promoting or criticizing social or political causes. Despite its contradiction to the objectiveness in scientific research science communicators should be allowed to use unconventional ways to spread the message and evoke emotion.
This talk is about the thoughts and experience of the speaker, a young scientist and science communicator, in trying to communicate her message to the wider audience through sound and film.

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Science & Video, a relevant story

Marc Vandenbrande

Creative video maker and scientist

Marc Vandenbrande

Video, television and film can be a blessing for science. For the viewers science brings very relevant stories. At many levels. Our world is at this moment in high need of positive and connecting stories. In the scientific world we find those stories in abundance. Stories about highly motivated men and women working very hard with the ambition to make this world a better place. These are stories about “strength through collaboration”. In these stories there are no national borders but there is plenty of room or inspiration and hope.

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Getting in touch with science through design

Luk Cox and Idoya Lahortiga

Combining science and visual communication


We are scientists for as long as we can remember and want to give science the attention it deserves. We use science inspired jewelry as a trigger to start conversations about science and as such spread awareness. It is a small step, but we believe it its effect and impact. We will speak about the creativity that goes into designing science figures with an umpf and the continuous inspiration science can be in our daily lives.

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