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Your medical future

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22 May 2019



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Den Engel

Grote Markt 3, 2000 Antwerpen






Medicine used to be Vesalius performing delicate dissection of human bodies – now in medicine we’re dissecting your genome within a day, using smart data in the Intensive Care Unit and we’re realizing that perhaps the most potent medications are found in nature! Come and hear about these amazing aspects of modern medicine from our researchers.

Should I have my genome sequenced or modified?

Geert Mortier

Next-generation sequencing technology has now made it possible to sequence the genome in an individual at a reasonable price. Is society ready for this? What would be the advantage of having the genome sequenced in each individual? Does this open the way to personalized medicine? Genetics is revolutionizing medicine but do we have to be worried about these new advances?

Spaceship Landing on Earth

University of Antwerp, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The smart (intensive care) medicine of the future. From big data to personalized medicine?

Philippe Jorens

Will illnesses, diagnostics and therapies be very different in the future? What will technology, connectivity, and informatics advances look like in medicine? Especially when considering the most vulnerable patients, i.e. the critically ill who need the most support? The high-tech intensive care unit (ICU) is at the forefront of new medical developments as it needs to be an innovative and healing environment. By using big data techniques and pattern recognition, predictions and data-driven hypotheses can be made from large amounts of data. Find out how we are transforming care in the ICU!

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University of Antwerp, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

From Ayurvedic root to nanodrug: a bumpy road from the tropical forest to the cancer clinic

Wim Vanden Berghe

Cancer caused approximately 9.6 million deaths in 2018. The pharmaceutical industry faces serious challenges, as drug discovery is expensive and inefficient. Natural product drug discovery, ethnopharmacology and traditional medicines are reemerging as promising alternative discovery engines. Natural products (from plants, microbes, marine organisms) have been a treasure trove of cancer drugs. Today, traditional knowledge and clinical observations, combined with powerful bioanalytical technologies, revolutionize drug discovery - from Ayurvedic wisdom to the clinic. 

Patrice D. Cani.jpg

University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

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