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Brewing our Pint of Science

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

A week ago we were at the No Science Brasserie in Brussels to brew our very own beer! It's a golden opportunity to tease you with a few pictures of the process.

On the 8th of March, Céline (country co-director), Mickael (Brussels co-coordinator and Philippe (panda community manager) had a blast giving a hand to Maxime the founder and brewer of No Science. Philippe was, of course, the more active member of the team, he watched every step and checked that everybody was working well and giving a lot of love to this hoppy tea.

Thanks to Maxime and his friends, we all learned a lot in the process, like that it is apparently relatively easy to prepare a beer at home if you want to give it a try... Or that brewing is in fact a lot of patience and cleaning! Since last Friday we are awaiting this tasty beverage to ferment, this may be the hardest part for us as we wish to see it encapsulated already! But if we look on the bright side, this long wait is a golden opportunity to tease you too with a few pictures of this brew adventure.

While having a look at this post, we hear you wonder: « when and where will I be able to taste this little piece of heaven ?» Well, friend, we have already a rendezvous for you: 26-27-28th of April. At those dates, we will be part of the I Love Science festival at Brussels Expo. During these three days, you can join us and discover all kind of science dissemination organizations active in Belgium and Brussels specifically. There, we will share a science cafe booth with Talk Cosmic to Me… And it will be the first-ever event where our beer will be available! Stick around as we will give you soon more information about this special event.

On this joyful note, we go back at gazing our tank and hoping that singing « The Science of Love » by A Capella Science will have a positive gustative impact on the liquid…

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