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Interested in speaking at one of our events? This is excellent news!

All you have to do is complete this form to be placed in our speaker pool for future events. We welcome anybody whose work relates to science and who wants to share their knowledge and experiences with the public at one of our events in May or throughout the year. 

Please read this first

Our speakers are selected by our local organisers in each city; unless you have already been invited to speak at one of our events, filling in this form does not guarantee selection for a talk, and we will only contact you should an opportunity arise. We contact speakers throughout the year so unfortunately we cannot offer a set date for selection.  Your answers and contact details will be shared with the Pint of Science team only and will not be made public. Should you wish to be removed from our pool of potential speakers, please contact us:


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Where do you work? 

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CONSENT I hereby agree to have the content of this form shared with the Pint of Science Belgium teams and, should I be invited to participate to a Pint of Science event, authorise Pint of Science to document such event whether by means of photographs or videos. Requests to review and edit such material before publication shall be proactively brought to the attention of the organisers at the latest on the day of the event.


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