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I Love Science, our upcoming event!

If you are languishing and thinking that you can’t wait till the 20th of May to ear about science during a Pint of Science event… Well first, you are god damn right, it’s far too long ! And second, hopefully, we have the solution for you!

In about a month, on 26-27-28th of April, the I Love Science festival will take place at Brussels Expo. As we love science very much we will be part of this crowd of science dissemination initiatives to entertain you for three days (yay!). This free event is running now for its second edition, this sweet loving-science festival is organized by Innoviris, and the Brussels Region to bring light on some organizations sharing science to the world (well, at least, Belgium)!

We are very happy to be there and to share a science cafe booth called "A Taste of Science" with the itinerant space cafe Talk Cosmic to Me. On our stand you will find short talks, art/science workshop, drawing demonstrations, interactive activities, demonstrations of liquid nitrogen ice cream and… it will be the first ever discovery and tasting of our very own beer, as it was created for this moment only! (We can't wait.) During those three days, of course, we will have also the pleasure to share our own festival programme! That being said, we remind you that we will launch the tickets sale and announce the #pint19 programme on the 15th of April ! All the volunteers are working hard to polish this programme and we promise you, it’s gonna be great :)

The talks will be held in French and Dutch but if you are a lot to ask for we could think about one or two talks in English. The I Love Science Festival is for absolutely everyone! Small or tall, young or less young, you can walk around and discover what’s happening in Brussels and around. You can participate to events or just have a curious look. Although Friday is more targeted for schools (and , by the way, if you have a class you can book activities) it’s not restricted and you can also freely come on your own, it doesn't matter your age.

If you are a curious being and want to know more about the event and the other participants; click-click-click on their website. On our side, we will share the details of the program soon on our newsletter, social media, and website.

See you soon and have a tremendous week!

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