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Love (for science) was in the air on Valentine's Day!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Valentine's day and our science speed dating are behind us now and we had a blast! Don't remember the concept? We've got you covered: for this very special Valentine's Day, we brought you Pint of Science veteran Emilie Caspar to tell us about the science behind what makes a Tinder profile picture (or any picture, it turns out) attractive to others. This was followed by our very first science speed dating: 18 scientists trying to share their passion with our good curious minded participants in intense series of 5 minutes meetings.

We would like to send a huge hug to the wonderful scientists who melted our brains last night and made us want to know more about what they do. Of course, thanks to every participant who made this event even greater with their happy faces and curiosity... And thanks to L'Harmonium and its super cool staff!

Last night we had a winner to our "spot the fake scientist" contest! The first place of the contest was a seat with us and No Science Brasserie to sip and decide the taste of the Pint of Science Belgium beer 🍻 If you feel jealous of this very cool prize, don't worry are preparing you an online contest to give out another seat at the table. Book already the date for this tasty evening, it will be on the 27th of February!

We leave you with a few pictures from that night !

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