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The festival Pint of Science Belgium will be postponed to 7-9 of September 2020

It's not an easy decision to make but we believe it's the right one. The festival isn't until May and there is a lot of uncertainties till then, therefore organising so many events in those conditions is more than challenging and raise many questions. It is why we decided, with the rest of the Pint of Science community (check your own country), to postpone the festival and instead gather (we hope) on 7-9 September in happiness and hoppyness.... and scienciness?! You see what we mean.

Depending on how the situation evolves, and because we might all need to be cheered up with some science, we may organise one or more special events in May. Might it be an event online or in one of our usual pubs.

Till then, take care 🧼 and enjoy your couch! Take that time to read and watch some great science documentaries! Tons of quality content is out there, share your bests discoveries with us on all of our social media, using #CouchOfScience20 🛋


Just a few ideas:

See you on social media for more !

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